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Advantages and explanations.

Remanufacturing offers numerous advantages in areas such as finance, availability, assistance and the environment.

Finance :

- Remanufacturing a compressor costs automatically less than buying a new one.
- Considerable saving of both time and money as your technician receives a replacement compressor of the same type as the unit previously used. Less work required to fit the capacity control and crankcase for example.
- Servicing work is less expensive as it can be scheduled off-season and priced according to the type of work and deadline required.


- There are two possibilities: either the compressor is available in stock, or it has not yet been overhauled. In the last case, it can be ready in 48 hours.
- For some models, we will need to rebuild your equipment directly, with a "workshop" time of approximately 2 or 3 days (for the most common models).
- This availability enables you to quickly respond to and reassure your client when new equipment is out of stock for example.


We live in a world where time is money, and unfortunately highly qualified professionals are not always easy to find. Our assistance service includes a tear-down report, a commissioning report to be filled and sent back, a telephone hotline (soon also internet) are tangible advantages. The training or know-how we are able to pass on to your technicians or clients is also extremely valuable, especially when coming from a highly reputable manufacturer such as BITZER..


Today, in both private and professional sectors, a product that lasts and is environmentally-friendly is increasingly in demand. Remanufacturing a compressor requires much less energy than manufacturing a new one. Reusing numerous parts and components is a true contribution towards the protection of our environment.


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