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SRS BITZER was founded in March 2006 by BITZER SE, following the proposal made by Adriano MEARINI, who had the vision that it was a must to offer compressor servicing at the BITZER renowned quality level.

SRS BITZER in Combs-la-Ville (Seine-et-Marne) regroups in one place a modern and competitive covered production tool of more than 4100 sq. m and a fully equipped and functional training centre.

Leaning on a competent team, SRS BITZER has the technical and technological means necessary to guarantee the best possible level of service for BITZER prodcuts but also for most of the other brands.

SRS BITZER has acquired the best tools among which, other than industrial material, you can find a system of information and communication of the latest generation, access to the database via the internet.
Of course, every received compressor is object for an evaluation transmitted to the installer, and then when it has been remanufactured it is integrally tested, thanks to the use of robotized and computerized test rigs.
SRS BITZER as subsidiary company of the Bitzer Group enjoys an access to the totality of industrial data and to the modifications and evaluation regarding new material.
A leading manufacturer’s guarantee commands respect of the best standard in quality and competence, which is SRS BITZER’s engagement at any time.


The spirit or service

The experience of the remanufacture of all brands allows SRS BITZER to offer a large choice of trainings to everybody, in synergy with its partners (OEM, wholesalers).
The sessions cover all of the techniques, such as : the material’s setting up, their reparation, the installation’s analysis and dimensioning, the choice of the right material for a given application…
The choice of the Paris region assures a big access facility, thanks to the tight transportation network (A5, A6, A4, planes, trains…) but also the planning of the leisure time and accommodation for our visitors (near Disneyland® Paris).
All of the technical equipments and the staff’s quality can be put at the disposal for experts in missions by the Tribunals or insurance companies.


Share the knowledge

The phases of remanufacture include systematically a complete evaluation, a reassembling process particularly adapted and standardized as well as a series of automatic tests whose requirement level is similar to those used in new material factories.
All the data is fed to a database that will be at the customer's disposal, thanks to Internet.
That way, everybody can easily access to essential information to keep the installations in service, but also to data that allow intervening in advance, before the material is submitted to an irreversible failure.


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